Discopathies, also known under the name of degenerative disc diseases, include all of the pathologies associated with intervertebral discs. The anatomical function of these discs is to act as a buffer between the individual vertebrae. The spine, as an essential element of our skeleton, is subjected during our everyday life to many mechanical forces, which can include real shocks during the practice of certain sports, or in the case of accidents.

But apart from accidents, when the shock is sudden, a degenerative disc disease progresses over time, sometimes over many years. Discopathies start with a strain, and over time lead to the movement of intervertebral discs, which is called a disc herniation. This is why it is imperative to consult a medical doctor such as a neurosurgeon, specialized in back care – especially when you know you are predisposed to back problems, due to your profession for example.

Very often we see patients with advanced diseases because they did not come earlier to consult with a specialist doctor. Our aim is to detect the disease as early as possible in order to offer the least invasive treatments and to prevent the much more invasive medical options that may be needed at a later time.

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