arthroseArthritis is a widespread condition, and we see it in younger and younger people. It corresponds to a weakening of the cartilage found in each articulation of the human body. It is a chronic condition, which progresses slowly over the years. The first symptoms, usually local pain, appear around 40-50 years.

The spine is the most complex articulation system in the human body. Its main articulation is the intervertebral disc, which separates each vertebrae and gives the spine its mobility. It is these dics that are most often touched by arthritis. This causes fissures in the discs, followed by an osseous proliferation. In addition to the pain, as the condition progresses and depending on its location, we can also encounter a decrease in mobility.

Spine arthritis is most often treated through medical, non invasive means. Infiltrations and medicine are used to treat and reduce the pain. An appropriate path of treatment is also crafted for each patient.